Sara Jo Wolf 

Rhythm Of Process

I experiment with layers. A variety of branches, light painting and colors.

No matter the medium, there is a searching present in my art. Sometimes I will have a very clear vision for what I want but most of the time I start working with something I like and I follow the medium, using my internal diving rod to guide me. I get lost in the work, lost in the rhythm of the process and along the way my unconscious is caught on paper or in millions of pixels. A symbol of the inner workings of my brain.

The works of Carl Jung influence my work, as well as the many striking images from the movies of my childhood, Indiana Jones, Hitchcock. I was always struck with the vivid symbology, the theatricality, and the magic of the unordinary. 

My work is very much a meditative process for me. I enjoy mediums with a process that can surprise you. I enjoy photography and printmaking because there are rules and chemicals and variables you have to follow. The unknown elements that can happen then are immediately pleasing and inspiring. 


Sara Jo Wolf
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